IMG 0481-The first meeting of our project “Cultural Heritage: A link to the past…a bridge to the future”, begins in Italy with a guided tour of the City of Palermo. We visited Norman, Arabic and Baroque monuments, churches and squares. Our students gave detailed information about the history and evolution of the city. -The official meeting begins when the Italian coordinator, Mrs Noto, together with our headmistress, Mrs. Gibilaro welcome and greet all the school- partners. Each partner presents a video or power point showing something about their country and how this is linked to the topic of the project. A musical interlude followed by typical folklore dances, the recital of Sicilian poems and an exhibition of local arts are presented to the guests.
One of our Art teachers, Mr. Scaturro, who has got a specialization degree in the Conservation of Architectural Assets, gave a lecture about how the conservation of historical and architectural sites is carried out, showing it step by step. In the afternoon the students guided the whole group around Partinico, showing some historical monuments and sites. The afternoon ended with the Mayor’s greetings at the Bourbon Cellar and a Sicilian puppet show, which is considered an oral and intangible Heritage of UNESCO. - The project meeting continues with a guided tour of Mozia, an ancient Phoenician City on the Island of San Pantaleo; then a tour of Marsala and a visit of the Archeological Museum and Salt Museum. In the afternoon the teachers visited the Florio Wine Cellars. - The day began with a STEM workshop presented by the teacher Mrs. Casciolo then a 3D Printer presentation on how to use it was showed by the student Mattia Cucinella and by some students of the 5C class. The students Giuseppe Bongiorno, Riccardo Rappa and students from the 4C class (Mrs. Giannola) demonstrated how to create an App. Finally, students of the 5D class presented the Auto CAD software (Mrs. Giannola and Mr. Marrocco). - A guided tour of Agrigento concludes this training event. The students guided the group to the Valley of the Temples (remains of the Hellenic city), a historic testimony to Magna Graecia’s presence in this area. It was inserted onto the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1997. The tour continues with a visit to the Archeological Museum and finally the Hellenistic Theatre. The meeting ends with final greetings and the handing out of the certificates. It was a very touching moment in which the Italian coordinator, Mrs Noto, in her final speech, thanked all our international partners for coming and being the first to welcome the beginning of this project. The next meeting will take place in Bulgaria, May 05-10 2019. It will begin with a visit to Sozopol and then to the architectural and historical reserve of Neesebar. On the next day the Bulgarian Headmistress will welcome the Erasmus partners and the program will be presented. The school partners will also show their presentations of their country, city and of their school, as it once was and how it is today. In the afternoon there will be a guided tour to Samovodska charshia- Streets of Crafts, where students will take photos of examples of preservation of historical assets in local area. The following day will begin with a guided tour to Veliko Tarnovo, Monument Mother Bulgaria-Stambolov Bridge- Park. The tour will continue with a visit to the Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly- “Tsarevgrad Turnov” Multimedia visitor center- Tsarevets Hill- Church of St. Forty Martyrs. The project continues with a seminar regarding the specific topic: Cultural Heritage – a link to the past, a bridge to the future. Later there will be school activities that will be performed by the students themselves: “School in Time” – Story writing – “Every historical site has an important story to tell”, followed by workshops: “Case Study”. On the last day a guided tour to Arabanasi, Tryavna, the architectural and historical reserve to Etar is programmed; and finally a visit to Varna. The meeting will end with final greetings and the delivery of certifications.
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